We created the Chopra Center Email Statistics for processing data transferred by an external newsletter system.

The development was ahead of its time because it introduced new features that other newsletter systems wouldn’t use until much later. Now, these features are integrated into Sendgrid and Salesforce (among others), but the development of this system was a competitive advantage for our partner. The functioning of the system is based on specifically optimized processing because the number of events created by the newsletter system can be up to six times more than the number of newsletters sent.

The main challenge was to store and process event data. We supported this procedure with preliminary tests – this way, we could ensure continuous availability to avoid system failures. We store events that come from the campaigns sent to millions of users each day in categories from which real-time statements can be made. The system ensures the statistics of a given campaign are divided into marketing email and user categories. It shows how many newsletters reached their destination, which users opened them and how many of them clicked on the links inside.

The statistical data can be filtered, imported and  used as filters during future sendings. Armed with such data, we can continually improve the effectiveness of our clients’ email marketing.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, iOS, Android, Sendgrid, Email marketing, AWS – Amazon Web Services, CodeIgniter


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