Our MongoDB project was made with the goal of consolidating our client’s user database which, at that time, had millions of records.

Our aim was to streamline the management of userdata and, in turn, support the business’s marketing and sales goals. We keep userdata up-to-date by implementing continuous system modifications while prioritizing the authenticity of incoming data. This way, the complete database is easy to filter and export, which supports successful campaign segmentation.

This user database must be updated using several systems. Because of this, we introduced a table which inserted a new record into its own database for the right event and then synchronized it to the central system. This important data included registration dates, login dates, and any modifications of the users’ personal data.

To fulfill this task, we chose MongoDB because the application doesn’t demand a relational database – it’s mostly responsible for data storage. Furthermore, the data structure is dynamically extensible because it stores data in BSON, which is similar to JSON.

In the case of a large enterprise, where client data is collected in several places, it’s essential that the clients can be precisely targeted with appropriate newsletters and advertisement. The main value of databases, aside from their size is the ability to segment an audience. This is exactly what our project has achieved – our work has effectively supported our client’s marketing and sales objectives. The system runs on internal servers, so its operating costs are lower than the rent of a CRM would be. Moreover, it’s more flexible and completely customizable.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, iOS, Android, MongoDB, BSON, NoSQL, CodeIgniter


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