We developed Fotocoin for one of our US clients. Using the application, users can enter contests by uploading their pictures and win so-called Fotocoins as rewards. Fotocoins can later be exchanged for Bitcoins.

A simple landing page was created for the application, which redirects users to the App Store or Google Play. The registration process was made simpler by allowing users to login with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. In addition to the primary picture upload feature, we also made sure to allow users to flag the occasionally appearing inappropriate pictures. Organic growth is supported by a referral URL which can be shared by users with their friends through various social media applications.

Our client needed the application for both iOS and Android so we used the React Native technology during the development process. The backend of the application was made in the Laravel framework and is using similar business logic to serve both platforms. For the supervision of the application, we are using the SonarQube software which helps us improve the quality of the code – for example, filtering out code repetitions.


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