Only a few domestic companies get the chance to partake in a project like the Meditation Challenge hallmarked by the name of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.

When we received the offer, we immediately knew that this commission will provide our team with loads of potential to improve, and so we happily had a go at it. The main motivation was that we had to prepare for astronomical traffic on the American market. The site currently has 3.000.000 registered users, and its daily views often surpass 1.000.000. And so we looked for the most optimal solutions with a stride. During the project the greatest challenge was database management.
Partly due to the fact that our domestic experiences and traditional solutions didn’t help us: with traffic this huge each solution seems to be too slow. After a period of experimental trial and error*, the diligent work of the development team, we finally ensured that the database queries could happen in split seconds. Stemming from the nature of the website profile, the representation of spiritual content on this subject otherwise alien web interface also proved to be interesting. Due to this, during the design we put emphasis on the lightness and minimality of the site, so it could radiate the same calmness as its content.


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