Chopra Account – Single Sign On is a one-factor authentication system for our partner’s multiple websites. It’s convenient for users – by using it, they don’t have to remember multiple username-password combinations.

Chopra Account – Single Sign On’s greatest advantage is that user activity can be tracked among multiple websites, which allows personalized communication. By linking it with the billing system, we always have full information on customers. We don’t only track their activity, but also what they have bought or added to their cart. The first step in creating Chopra account was researching pre-existing similar solutions. We have tested different systems to see if they fit our client’s needs, but eventually we decided a unique system was needed to comply with our client’s support, availability and customization requirements.

When developing the product, we aimed for simplicity compared to similar SSO systems (e.g. Google Account, AppleID)  so our target audience could use it effortlessly. Another important aspect of development was ensuring that linking further platforms to the Chopra Account and implementing the SSO solution into them would be hassle-free. For that reason, we created SDK and an extensive documentation. To comply with the latest technologies, we used the Laravel framework which supports web and mobile business logic utilizing API and SDK.

Chopra Center is widely used on various fields which is signalled by the rapidly growing number of mobile applications. For that reason, it was essential that we create an SDK for the two biggest mobile operating systems which was seamlessly integrated into the previous applications. Since the product is used for authentication and multiple payment platforms were integrated into it, we took great measures to ensure all data was safely encrypted. The front-end user interface underwent multiple changes until it reached its current design, fitting the Chopra Brand perfectly.

After finishing the software, the integration of third-party platforms happened continuously which resulted in the migration of users. During the migration process, since all integrated platforms have hundreds of thousands of daily visitors, it was essential to minimize the loss of user data resulting from the changes.

By creating the SSO, important features became available to users in a centralized system, such as managing user data or newsletter subscriptions. When developing the product, we aspired to ease the user process of logging into websites and create the potential for personalized advertising by keeping track of their data.

Applied technologies: PHP, MySQL, iOS, Android, Laravel, RESTful API, SDK, AWS – Amazon Web Services, SSL, SAGE ERP


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