We were one of the first companies to develop iOS and Android mobile applications in Hungary. As such,we gained considerable experience within this rapidly changing field. We have developed iOS and Android mobile applications for medium-sized companies, large enterprises, startups and agencies.

We use React Native, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift programming languages for mobile app development. Our work is based on agile software development and Scrum methodology, which support our efficiency.

Our native apps go beyond just an exciting idea. From beginning to completion, you can count on our help. In addition to its spectacular appearance and the entertaining features, the finished app will achieve your business and marketing goals as well.

We place strong emphasis on supporting the mobile applications that we create. We optimize our apps with the latest version of iOS and Android while taking user statistics into account. At Stylers Group, we develop mobile applications in accordance with Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) so we can develop and test certain mobile functions by component to provide quality assurance.

Through native iOS and Android applications, we can take advantage of  full mobile functionality instead of recreating the mobile version of a website.Integrate phone contacts  or access a user’s camera – the possibilities are endless. It is certainly true that cross-platform mobile apps can be produced faster, but native apps can fully benefit from the device’s hardware and resources, which leads to better user experience.

We pay close attention to the latest version of software and support the previous models of Android and Apple devices, including the Apple Watch, Android Watch and the Apple TV. When we deliver your app, our work is not complete – we offer continuous service and support for our clients and optimize applications based on data.

With the experience we gained during our years of developing iOS and Android apps , we guarantee your success. We seek complex solutions, so we make sure that your application’s data is available and usable for external communication channels.

Our Colleagues are real professionals.

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